A Rookie Mistake – on and offline

The discussion around the false differentiation that has been made between online and offline crime and the need to be as savvy and careful online and off really hit home. John Brownlee’s reflections on the app Girls Around Me emphasizes that the web can make us vulnerable, but only if we let it by not being careful with our information just as we would be offline.

For me, the Facebook “Relationship Status” is a tiny case in point.

Retrieved from Google Images.

I can see the value of providing this information. I have friends that are a couple because he asked her out when her relationship status changed to single, which he might not otherwise have known. But it is necessary to be discriminating about providing it – just like you would be offline. Why? … I have also had a friend who announced she was in a relationship on Facebook before the person she was in a relationship with was of the same mind. Awkward. A rookie mistake on or offline, but online makes the mistake a little more public.


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4 responses to “A Rookie Mistake – on and offline

  1. haha its pretty humorous and reminds me of a conversation Sylvia and I had today about the pains you have to go through on social media to erase past relationships with tagged photos. It can also be really funny to watch people go through relationship drama by changing their relationship status frequently. I personally favour the ‘its complicated’ status as it implies ‘don’t ask, its none of your business’.

  2. carolynfreed

    Good point Tana- and online you never can be too sure who your audience might be. Pretty creepy app.

  3. And there’s lots of them out there!

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